Friday 2 June

17.00pm Doors open
01:00am Doors close

Saturday 3 June

09.00am Doors Open
11.00am Start Poker Run
14.00pm High Strike game
15.00pm Big Time Bossmen (BE - steamin Rockabilly)
16.00pm Rodeo Bull game
17.00pm Refugees (BE - Hard Rockin' Blues)
18.00pm Jupiler Olympics game
19.00pm Oh Gunquit (GB - 60ies Surf Punk)
20.00pm DJ set
21.00pm The Picturebooks (DE - Blues Rock Noice)
22.00pm DJ set
23.00pm Honeymoon Disease (SE - 70ies Boogie)
24.00pm DJ set
03.00am The end

Sunday 4 June

09:00am Doors open
Noon Jupiler Olympics game
13:00pm The Chrome Reverse (FR - Steaming 60ies Rock'n'Roll)
14:00pm High Strike game
15:00pm Shirley's Locker (BE - Rockin' and Rollin')
16:00pm Rodeo Bull game
17:00pm Fox Hunt (BE - Hard Rock)
18:00pm Prizegivings
19:00pm The Sonic Dawn (DE - 60ies Pschydelic)
20:00pm Dj set
21:00pm Grumpf (BE - Hard Rock)
22:00pm Dj set
23:00pm The Glucks (BE - 60ies Garage Punk)
24:00pm Dj set
03:00pm The end !

Monday 5 June

08.00am Breakfast available till 10.30am
12.00am Bonne route.. may the Chopper Gods be with you !
High Strike game