Here below you can find the Riders List, Shedule and Final Instructions.

First off, we need corner marshalls, please get in touch if you feel like helping out, it’s the best spot to watch the races and will be much appreciated! For riders who ride in the morning can easliy marshall in the afternoon and likewise…

Note : if you see a mistake or riders that are not making it to the races, please get in touch, this will help us a lot to make the right heat sheet!


Training day 6th May from 12.00pm till 16.00pm


- 8.00am till 9.30am Sign on for all riders

- 8.30am till 10.00am Scrutineering for all bikes

- 10.30am Training for Newbie & Rookie classes - Immediately followed by races.

- +- 13.00pm Training all other classes - Immediately followed by races.

Stick around for price giving immediately after the finals!


- Make sure you have read all the regulations on our website or you can read a copy when signing on.

- Please do your payment before 2nd of May to make sign on easy! Do not make a payment after that date.

- Print out your payment confirmation and bring it with you as well as your personal ID and 50 euro as warranty for your transponder. Please return the transponder after the finals and you will get your ID and 50 euro back.

- Make sure your bike is in full technical orde and your riding gear complies with regulations. We would really hate it if we can’t allow you on the track because your bike isn’t safe to ride - NO REFUNDS


Cut off
No front brake
Cover your cast wheels
ECE Back protector
ECE Helmet

- Make sure you have purchased your license in advance at www.kmnv.nl and bring it with you, we need your license number for sign on! NO LICENSE – NO RIDING

- If you have an oil absorption mat, bring it with you!

- Each registered rider can bring along 1 person (mechanic / friend / wife…) including camping.

- Campsite and cafeteria will be open from Friday afternoon.

- It’s all about fun ! There is no prize money involved so don’t get too competitive. Let’s keep it safe and always follow the instructions of the marshalls on and off the track.

And remember... Keep it Sideways!

Hells Race Team