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16:00pm Doors open 'Not Sooner'
16:15pm DJ sets of 45min till the band
19:00pm Band 1
20:15pm DJ
21:00pm Band 2
22:15pm DJ
23:00pm Band 3
24:15pm DJ sets of 45min till the end
03:00am Doors close


08.00am Doors open 'lots of breakfast possibilties'
13.00am Band 1
14.15pm DJ
15.00pm Band 2
16.15pm DJ
17.00pm Band 3
18.15pm DJ
19.00pm Band 4
20.00pm "Prizegiving"
21.00pm Band 5
22:15pm DJ
23.00pm Band 6
24.15pm DJ sets of 45min till the end
04.00am Doors close


08:00am Doors open "lots of breakfast possibilities"
12:15pm DJ
13:00pm Band 1
14:15pm DJ
15:00pm Band 2
17:15pm DJ
18:00pm Doors close