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Join us with a Hells Rider Membership!

This costs € 30,- and includes 1 x Hells Race license plate (€15) with your personal race number and with this membership you can register for 3 more races, the 'Hells Series' in cooperation with Speedway Lelystad.
Each series has a training day and a racing day. Join us now "click here"
Race dates are: July 22nd, Aug. 26th, Sept. 30th.
Note: without membership it is not possible to participate in the 'Hells Series' but you do not 'need' a membership to register for Hells Race on May 5th - 6th.

What are the bike specs at Hells Race?

In short what a Flat Track bike needs to have: 19” wheels with proper flat track tires (only Dunlop in England’s DTRA), no front brake, a cut off switch (which stalls the bike if you fall) and a shark fin at the back of your chain (this protects from getting between the sprocket and chain) If you have casted wheels you will need to cover them (with plastic) For more info on rules and regulations go to Regulations page.

What is the cost as rider at a race?
Saturday - Open Training : from 12h till 16h
Training €35,00 + €27,50 Day license at www.knmv.nl
Sunday - Race day : starts 10:00am
1 class €45,00 (€27,50 Day license) €25,00 for each additional class.

You have to buy your day license (in advance!) On www.kmnv.nl for € 27.50 per day and this before you can register for a race, because you have to enter your license number on the website. If you are riding 2 days, you need to buy 2 day licenses = €55,00
Note: if you are able to join us for the 'Hells Series' at Speedway Lelystad you can buy a "Basic Sports Year License - for only €60 a year" with that license you can also attend all flat track training sessions, which is almost every dry Sunday! Go to http://www.knmv.nl/motorsport/Licenties/english/ and purchase Your License.

HELLS RACE NUMBER PLATE: your race number will be requested when registering a race. If you order a number plate of € 15 (or take a membership of € 30 incl. plate) you will receive your plate at the first training / race.


1. For Newbie, Vintage and Hooligan class all types of tyres are permitted except for knobbelies.
2. For all the other classes 19” wheels and Flat Track Tyres only!

where you can try the flat track sport on your old MX, Triumph, Scrambler, Street tracker... it needs to have that flat track feel... not sure... send us an email with a picture of your bike (we own the right to refuse you registration with an inappropriate bike) Just unplug your front brake and install a cut off switch (which stalls the bike if you fall) and add a shark fin at the back of your chain. Most important is that your bike is in full technical order ! Or you will not pass scrutineering. Go fast, turn left for a chance!

ROOKIE CLASS: where you can learn and improve your moves on your flat track bike, with 19" wheels and flat track tyres, cut of and a shark fin installed. Rookie class doesn’t have an imposition on cubic inches. If you ride very well in Rookie you will be asked to join AM Class.

AM CLASS: is open for all flat track bikes with 19" wheels and flat track tyres & safety specs as described above.

PRO CLASS: usually ridden on 450cc MX bikes which of course have been heavily tuned and tweaked. But we hope to see some framers as well in this class.

VINTAGE CLASS: what we are looking for here are old Triumph's, BSA's, Astro Bultaco's, XR's, WR's, WLA's etc. mostly pre 1970ish. If you are not sure your bike has what it takes to race in Vintage class, send us a mail including a photo. Ps: you don't need the proper dirt track tyres or 19" wheels.

THUNDER CLASS: is for singles from 600cc up with the same specs & safety specs.

HOOLIGAN CLASS: "DTRA Hooligan Championship Round 1"
for twins above 750cc with stock main frame (sub-frame may be modified) and little mods as a cut of, unplug front brake, ideally on dirt track tyres (but not essential) no knobblies and race!

MINI BIKE CLASS: ( up to 125cc mini dirt bikes)
you can register with XR, CRF, TTR and DRZ 125cc as these mine bikes are ideal to work on your riding skills... plus it's very fun to do and watch, since almost all riders have the same motorcycle. No mods are allowed, no exhaust mods... your bike must be completely standard ! You can change handle bars and sprocket sizes only.

- Keep it Sideways -

NOTE: we have an open pits area, so you will need to bring a gazebo/tent and environment mat to place under your bike, the size of your whole bike (not just the engine)

Contact us

General - Email: info@hellsrace.com
Angelo Van Zele - Email : info@sinnersupply.com
Bram De Roeck - Email : bram.lesley@skynet.be