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we can supply you with Birmingham's finest Mutt Motorcycles in Belgium.
Our showroom and workshop is located at Sportlaan 6b, 9160 Lokeren, Belgium.
Open between business hours from Tuesday to Saturday by appointment only.
Get in touch call +32 477 383 294 or send an email to angelo@muttmotorcycles.com

We love old motorcycles

…and between us we own a bunch of them. After many years building one off Vintage machines we wanted to create something with all the much more accessible and easy to own. Mutt is designed to bring an exciting and fresh attitude to the small CC market at an affordable price. Hand finished and prepared in Birmingham, England, Mutt launches a new range as a stand-alone brand for 2018 bringing a fresh, accessible, quality to the market in a uniquely individual package.

Be sure to visit www.muttmotorcycles.com